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My story ...

Hi!  My name is Erika Fields. I'm a wife-mom-corporate person by day, and a moonlight baker by night.   After carpool, baseball practice, PTO meetings, work, and feeding the family dog, I bake.  A lot.  Who knew a batch of fondant icing eight years ago would ignite such a passion and deprive me of (even more) sleep?  It's funny how the things we love most in life keep us awake–but I wouldn't have it any other way.


After my boys were born, I quickly discovered the delectable challenge of sculpting cakes and it became my passion.  I found myself searching for more cake-necessary events (I think all events should have cake) and spent countless nights building various characters out of sugar.  With each passing birthday my boys wanted harder, more detailed designs and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Soon I began getting requests for cakes. I put my number-crunching skills to use and decided to start baking for customers.

Every cake is made from scratch in my kitchen with a lot of love. I use premium and organic ingredients whenever possible.  Allergies?  No worries.  Stevia instead of sugar?  You got it.  A cake for your picky Aunt Bertha?  Bring it. 

I love making kids cakes, birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, baptism cakes, cakes on Fridays, cakes when it's too rainy outside, or cakes for when there's nothing left to binge watch on Netflix.  I believe cupcakes are portable happiness boosters.

Life is hectic but it's made easier with friends that help each other out.  I help you with dessert duty and you give me the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen.  Oh yes, life is better with cake!  If you can dream it, I can bake it.


Contact me for more information or to set up a consultation.

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